Get Inspired Be Natural

Its the biggest turn off when you think about the process of “going back natural”, the length of your hair, the distorted mix of relaxed and natural, and the journey to a beautiful body of hair. Here are ways to keep inspired, search for vloggers and bloggers who talk about ways to pacify the great issues of the transition as they have already experienced or are experiencing something similar. They’ll guide you toward your own regimen and whether or not to transition or big chop! its all very interesting as its an opportunity to re-invent, to connect with the original self and just to grow. Taking the natural journey isn’t just a physical change it is also about personal growth…..being patient, being able to love and accept yourself in state that is not necessarily normal to you or isn’t the universal definition of beauty. It will help you to live in your own skin, forcing the world to accept that you were always beautifully made without any additives, you will fall in love though it will take some adjusting. live beautiful, live natural. Attached below are two exceptional bloggers….there’s a start

My Hair/My Pride

I’m worrying, constantly worrying about the  effect my hair will create in a predominantly black society. As i strut my style through the streets of Kingston, Jamaica i  am met with opinions that tip both sides of the scale. Some stand in awe while the others scoff….”She is beautiful and her hair magnificent” or ” what is she thinking weh she a go wid that”. I am concerned for them as the hate that brews in their heart for my blackness distracts them from the very blackness on their skin.  We remain oppressed by ideologies of whiteness, it is rather ironic that we stand with pride in the achievements highlighted by black history month yet we stand apart from the features that are ingrained in our genetics.

These beliefs and attitudes will continue to perpetuate themselves, as generations to come will be imprisoned by the sweet nourishment of socialization. A socialization that teaches them to fear themselves, hate themselves and hold higher regard for that which is not themselves. I too am fearful of my blackness, thinking twice if my eccentricity, (lol that is what it is called when you dear to be black in a black world) will cost me my job. I am proud, I am Black, I am Jamaican but i hold back simply because how others will react to my acceptance of who i am.

Tapered Or Nah?

Impulsive – to act suddenly…………………..Impulsive is my middle name, if  i am so inspired my imagination automatically becomes reality. it defines me as edgy  and has helped me gain admiration from others for being brave, eccentric and just simply going after what i want. My decisions were often satisfying but for how long? They were risky and cool and shaped the image i was trying to portray. I have been NATURAL for approximately 5 months, at the 4 month marker i decided that a lil minnie Afro made me look too young, Not Stylish enough and so i decided to taper my hair….oh man did i love it…..ugh no one was cooler than me… month in am not so sure anymore. My aim in going back natural was really to grow and retain length  which is still my ultimate goal, which now am just a little further away from…..sigh!!!! My point is know what you want, know your next steps and don’t deviate …… though seemingly current, stylish and chic, don’t allow fads to break your concentration because after the temporary high comes the crash…..people appreciate trends for a minute but who you are which is your sense of style never fades it follows you forever. Tapered or Nah?  Naaaaaaaaaah

Hair Moment: Is Oil Actually Important for Your Hair?

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A lot of hair blogs discuss the importance of adding oils to a hair regimen. But why is oil so important to natural hair?


Before I can get into why oil is important to the hair and skin, I have to talk about the natural oils that are produced by our bodies internally. Humans have these things called sebaceous glands that secrete an oily matter called sebum; sebum lubricates and protects the skin and hair of mammals. Sebaceous glands are are located every where on the human body except the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. However, sebaceous glands have the highest numbers on the face and scalp. When the sebaceous glands over-produce sebum, some people can suffer from greasy scalps and greasy faces which can lead to acne.sebum21

Sebum helps to keep our skin healthy. It prevents our bodies from losing too much water and prevents too much water from entering our…

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Crushed my Curls

Rolled out of bed, my curls all crushed out, and no time available to me to sit and revamp/rejuvenate them…..because i had work in exactly an hour and a half. I felt frustrated and defeated, skimming through my thoughts questioning my loyalty to this natural life!!!!……i dug up some inspiration on Instagram then i put my hands, products and knowledge to work. If u ever get up looking like …. a crazy person because your untamed mane just wont behave…….know that its partially your fault because you didnt make the necessary preparations to remain fabulous.

Here is how you go about it….no matter the texture of your hair sleeping on cotton sheets is a killer…it sucks the moisture from your hair and even your skin hence save some money and invest in satin sheets or if that’s too much purchase a satin cap. It will keep curls intact ready for you to moisturize and go or style as you please.